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The Project

The Regional Government of Madrid and the Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry projects the construction (by means of a Consortium) of the National Centre of Fusion Technologies (TechnoFusión), in the Region of Madrid (Spain), based on the technical expertise from Laboratorio Nacional de Fusion (LNF) in CIEMAT, UPM, UC3M, UNED and assuring participation by Spanish research groups and companies.

Even though TechnoFusión is focused on long-term Fusion Technologies (ITER operation and DEMO) it can be of interest for many other scientific and technological activities (fission, ADS and spalation sources, biological sciences, space research, medical applications, isotopes production, nuclear physics…)

TechnoFusión is included in the Spanish Map of Singular Scientific-Technical Facilities and it will be open to Spanish, European and International users.

Sponsors: Comunidad de Madrid | Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Collaborations: CIEMAT | LNF | UAM | UC3M | UNED | UPM