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Computer simulation

To study conditions that cannot be reproduced experimentally and to accelerate the development of novel systems for a future commercial fusion power plant, TechnoFusión will stimulate an ambitious programme of computer simulations, combining existing experience in the fusion field with resources from the National Supercomputation Network .

The goals include the implementation of the global simulation of a commercial fusion reactor, the interpretation of results, the validation of numerical tools, and the development of new tools. Another indispensable goal is the creation of a data acquisition system and the visualisation of results. Based on the existing experience of research groups at Universities, Public Research Organisations and company research departments, TechnoFusión proposes the development of a large scientific infrastructure in order to make a significant contribution to the development of new technologies needed for the construction of commercial fusion reactors. The project described here will permit the generation of highly relevant technological knowledge for all types of fusion reactors, irrespective of the underlying concept (magnetic or inertial confinement).

Sponsors: Comunidad de Madrid | Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Collaborations: CIEMAT | LNF | UAM | UC3M | UNED | UPM