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Material Production and Processing

There are still some uncertainties about the materials that will be used to construct future fusion reactors, partly because it has not yet been possible to reproduce the extreme conditions to which such materials will be subjected.

Therefore, the main goal of Material Production and Processing Research Area is to dispose of installations capable of manufacturing new materials on a semi-industrial scale and fabricating prototypes. Top priority materials include metals such as reinforced low activation ODS type steels (Oxide Dispersion Strengthened steels) and tungsten alloys.

In order to manufacture such materials, equipment is required that currently is scarce or inexistent in Spain, such as a Vacuum Induction Furnace (VIM), a Hot Isostatic Pressing Furnace (HIP), a Furnace for Sintering assisted by a Pulsed Plasma Current (SPS), or a Vacuum Plasma Projection System (VPS).

Sponsors: Comunidad de Madrid | Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Collaborations: CIEMAT | LNF | UAM | UC3M | UNED | UPM