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Liquid metal technologies

A number of, ITER, DEMO , and IFMIF components will use liquid metals as refrigerants, tritium generators, neutron reproducers, moderators, etc., all of them under extreme conditions. Therefore, these applications need further research to be finally implemented in such installations.

The basic working scheme for Liquid Metal Technologies facility is an arrangement of two liquid lithium loops. The main goals of this area are the studies of free surface fluiddynamics and compatibility of fusion materials with the liquid metal. Both circuits will be coupled to the Rhodotron® electron accelerator. This will allow i) to investigate the behaviour of the free surface with an internal deposition of energy due to the electron beam, and ii) the effects of gamma radiation on the corrosion and compatibility issues on materials in contact with the liquid metal.. In addition, it will be possible to study the influence of magnetic fields on the cited phenomena as well as the development of methods for i) purification of liquid metals, ii) enrichment of lithium, iii) extraction of tritium, and iv) development of safety protocols for liquid metal handling.

Sponsors: Comunidad de Madrid | Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Collaborations: CIEMAT | LNF | UAM | UC3M | UNED | UPM