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Remote handling

Nuclear Fusion consolidation as an energy source in the coming years will require an extraordinary development of robotic systems for Remote Manipulation (RM) that can be autonomous or remotely manipulated by an operator. Among the reasons for considering Remote Handling to perform a great deal of operation in installations that generate energy by nuclear fusion are the following ones: big dimensions and weight of parts to be operated and mainly, the active radiation in equipments and materials close to the device.

Furthermore, future fusion energy plants (installations similar to DEMO) will have an intense and complex maintenance by means of Remote Handling. Such tasks will play a critical role in the proliferation and viability of future fusion reactors. For other types of experimental fusion devices, such as ITER and JET, RM is equally noticeable mainly due to the experimental nature of these installations. They are continuously improved and adjusted.

The main objective in the short term is to have an installation where performing telerobotic tasks for the maintenance and repair of nuclear fusion installations, mainly ITER, DEMO, and IFMIF. Furthermore, the installation has to serve as a platform to promote the development of the technology needed and a base to perform experiments and activities (dissemination, training, and know-how transfer).

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