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The TechnoFusión project, currently in a preparatory study phase, involves the construction of a Singular Scientific-Technical Facility (National Centre for Fusion Technologies - TechnoFusión) in the Region of Madrid, Spain, creating the required infrastructure for the development of the technologies required for future commercial fusion reactors, and assuring participation by Spanish research groups and companies.

The performance of materials and components under the extreme conditions of a fusion reactor is largely unknown. For this purpose, facilities are required for the manufacture, testing and analysis of critical materials. Additional resources will be needed to develop and exploit numerical codes for the simulation of materials in special environments, to develop remote handling technologies and other areas related to the management of liquid metals used in several components of the reactor.

TechnoFusión Scientific-Technical Facility will consist of a complex of seven large research areas related to fusion technologies: material production and processing, material irradiation, plasma-wall interaction studies, liquid metal technologies, material characterization techniques, remote handling technologies and computer simulation. Many of these technological areas will be unique in the world.

The goal of TechnoFusión is to bring together sufficient human and material resources to contribute significantly to the development of a safe, clean, and inexhaustible source of energy for future generations.

Sponsors: Comunidad de Madrid | Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Collaborations: CIEMAT | LNF | UAM | UC3M | UNED | UPM